The Reasons, the Regulations: Liquor Store Online Purchases

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Even in Biblical times, alcoholic beverages, with wine being the most popular, have been consumed by man. If one follows the stories, one would not find it hard to encounter those that include having this drink. In fact, most books’ famous narratives often have the main character presented with wine as one of the two core objects having deep symbolic meaning in the story.

Why, then, did drinking something that is so engraved in human literature and beliefs become frowned upon? Unfortunately, beverages such as those sold by an online liquor store are prone to abuse. An adequate amount of alcohol from your local grocer or from a liquor store online can give the illusion of bringing life to a boring social gathering, while too much can cause accidents. Because of the troubles it can bring, the government is forced to intervene. Alcohol laws were enacted to minimize unwanted behavior of the citizens’.

States have imposed different ways to control the public consumption of spirits. On the manufacturer’s end, some states such as Idaho and New Hampshire have completely monopolized the production. This course of action give these two states a better oversight of beverage sales. Other states, however, decided to employ the services of a liquor store online and other private-owned entities in exchange for commission for easier distribution.

There is also the case of age. All states prohibit people under 21 to make a purchase from any establishment or any online liquor store. To adhere to the minimum age requirement established by law, for example, a liquor store online would have to confirm that the site visitor is at least 21 before allowing them to buy their products. As a result, great alcoholic beverage finds are off-limits to anyone under the legal age requirement.

For the main reason why the alcohol trades are controlled, most states also cap the amount of alcohol there can be in a certain kind of liquor. Alabama limits it at 16%, while Georgia at 11%. Florida, on the other hand, takes it to the next level by making it illegal to produce, to distribute, or to consume any beverage with more than 153 proof.

The reasons behind the states’ regulations are brought about by the adverse effects of alcohol and of intoxication. While it is not illegal to keep things more interesting with alcohol, let us always keep our drinking within reason.